How come players aren't playing for a while?

I’ve recently launched a game, and it has gotten some players, but they usually don’t stay for too long. A few play for 15+ minutes, but most players only play for ~5 minutes, and I’m not sure why. I have a nice, short tutorial so they can get right into gameplay without being bored, and the gameplay should be long. What’s happening?

The game is a collecting simulator where you run around to collect things. What’s unique about the game is that you become a dog, and instead of zones being in a straight line like in most simulators, the zones span in each direction.

I have a few questions about when you first join the game:

  1. After reading the tutorial, do you feel bored, and do you know how to play?
  2. After you unlock the second area, do you feel eager to keep playing, or do you feel like stopping, and why?
  3. At any time, did you feel like the gameplay was boring? If so, when?
  4. Would you come back to the game when you leave?

And please leave additional feedback if you’d like as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the game:


i feel like the lighting is too dark, young players will usually stay for hours if it is bright and colourful, but some parts of the game are extremely dark: (also if its future lighting make it voxel or shadowmap, future lighting is often laggy on mobile and doesn’t look that bright)


for the tutorial, you should make an interactive tutorial, like how in some games they give you a bunch of money and tell you to spend it on a item to get started, and with arrows pointing toward where you need to go on

and the UI and other game aspects should be more clean, with tweens and animations
most low poly styled games use bounce or back for tweens and it ends up looking pretty nice

last thing, the game feels pretty lonely so add quests or npcs that walk around, that is basically the special candy that makes games like adopt me or something get on the front page


also i found a bug??


Like @no_tsi says, there’s a bug on the leaderboard. But i think it’s your total sparkle?


that may be it, now thinking about it

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Don’t worry, it’s not a bug. It’s the total amount of treats you’ve collected since you started playing. It doesn’t go down when you spend treats.

And thanks for the feedback too!

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Okay, my first impressions of the game:

I see a nice loading screen. Then, I am greeted with a tutorial popup. I was reading it but then I realized there’s quite a lot of information to keep track of. Then I got bored of what was presented. After exiting out of the tutorial, I walked forward and tried to click on the wall that says click to unlock. Nothing happened. So I collected some of the dog coins. I went over to the sparkles and interacted with it, but then it only gave me the same amount of dog coins. After that, I checked the buttons to the right. They’re pretty nice. I looked at the upgrades and saw bones icon. I clicked on a button and got prompted to buy bones, which put a sore taste in my impression. After that, I was wondering how do I get bones if all I get are dog coins? Then I looked up at the sky and saw that it took 200 dog coins to exit the area. Unlocking the area felt good, but collecting them felt boring, as I spent most of my time walking around. Then I saw that the next area was 1.5k dog coins, which is pretty steep for what I have been doing for the game.

If I haven’t commented on a part of the game, then I believe that it is good.


  • Make the tutorial more interactive.
  • Instead of having the players grab dog coins, have them grab bones. So switch the two so that it seems more relevant for the player to grab bones.
  • When interacting with the sparkles, give a better reward. If I’m spending time holding down a button to see what happens, it should be a better reward than what you get for walking.
  • Maybe have an animation play with the sparkles, like you’re digging to get the reward?

Really nice looking game except for the darkness of the blocking walls, which makes them feel oppressive. I agreee with the need to brighten the Lighting up. Search the forum for a more cartoon recommendation, there are articles on here about it. Overall, lovely simple game

BTW I couldn’t be bothered to read through 21 pages of tutorial. Perhaps split it up and prompt users with more info as they progress. I think your target audience are not going to be interested in all the details. Keep it simple.


bit off topic but do you have any links? i am making a cartoon-ish game right now and i am in the need of some lighting help lol

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Not off hand, but wee use the following setting in one of our games which work well:

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