How could i apply Humanoid Description Localy

Hello, I need to make it so a player can see their own avatar in a dummy by “Apply Description”. Everything works well but as soon as somebody else joins, my dummy copy avatar is being replaced with my friend’s avatar. Sometimes , the avatar of the first player who joined is the same on everyone’s screen.

however, you can not apply description in a local script

here is a script that is being used

local LocalNPC = game.Workspace.LocalNPC.Humanoid
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

Thanks for anyone who helps.

You can just put it in a local script

like i said, you can not use “Apply Description” function in a local script. it only works on Server sided scripts

Try using RemoteEvents, see how they work for you.

Just make in the server script make every humanoidDescription you need and destroy them locally

this could actually work, ill give it a try, thanks!

you can do something similar like:
Making a remoteevent:

remote.OnServerEvent:connect(function(p, targ)
       local humanoid = targ:FindFirstChild'Humanoid'
if humanoid then   

LocalScript (can be inside the npc or player):

local LocalNPC = script.Parent -- or game.Workspace.LocalNPC.Humanoid

or you can use a serverscript inside the player’s character if you are using it for players. and just set it like this:

local player = script.Parent

whatever works for you.