How could I create a knockback system now that Body Velocity is depreciated?

I am attempting to add a knockback feature to a melee weapon system I am creating, however now that Body Velocity is depreciated I am not sure on exactly what to use and how to script it. A step-by-step tutorial would be highly appreciated. If you need some more info on what exactly I am trying to achieve please ask.

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I use applyImpulse the way to do it is to check if the part you’re applying impulse to has a NetworkOwnership on it and if it does then fireclient to that user which then applies the impulse on a local script.

If they dont have a network ownership then apply the impulse on the server.

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Just because BodyVelocity is deprecated, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. I still use the legacy movers for some of my projects and it works perfectly fine.

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You can change the part’s Velocity on client via a LocalScript.

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Use BasePart's ApplyImpulse, ApplyAngularImpulse and ApplyImpulseAtPosition or use the new constraint system’s VectorForce and LinearVelocity

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