How could I detect when the player lands on the ground after falling from the sky?

Hello devforum, I am trying to detect when a character lands on the ground to destroy a parachute, but I am having some preoblems:

  • I have tried using statechanged, but it sometimess works and sometimes doesn’t.
  • I have tried using humanoid.FloorMaterial too, but doesn’t work either.

Thanks for reading.

Maybe this can help you :
Detecting Collisions ( Character-Triggered Collisions)


Try listening for when the Falling state starts and while the player is in that state, fire a raycast from their HumanoidRootPart down a few studs (such as five). If the raycast returns a part, then they likely have landed. If it doesn’t return any hit part and their state is still Falling, then they are likely still falling. Out of curiosity, are there specific triggers for why the Landed state isn’t always firing?