How could I improve this GFX?

How can I improve this GFX?

Hey Devforum! I’m back at it again, but this time I’ve used to help edit my render because I’m too cool for adobe. B)

Anyways, here is a design I made for my good friend @dxa70

Leave your amazing criticism below, but don’t hurt my feelings. ):

Also, if you plan on stealing this then have fun because the quality sucks, and people will make fun of you because of how pixelated it will be. :))


Looks very cool :+1: (30 char)


Looks as cool as you. B)

Thank you. <33

Yea im very cute aren’t I ;)))))


The sleeves have some random white light under them, (and I have no idea why). And the sunburst background isn’t cropped to the image pixel size. As seen on the right hand side.

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I love this GFX. It’s just so nice and simple, and the little outline effects make it look even better. The character’s accessories and such are on point as well, matching the theme of your fun background. And the face expression makes it look even sillier. i think this is my favorite GFX ever. i love it. Keep it up!

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I appreciate this, thank you @DecodedMint.

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Ah, yes. Perfect criticism, just what I like! Let me explain some mistakes I just discovered from your suggestion.

Random Light - My IQ on lighting in blender is literally 0, I added a point light behind the rig which screwed the lighting up.

Sunburst Cropping Issue - I couldn’t save the image via my photoshop because I was lazy so I decided to just use a screen shot thing. I didn’t try to make it even because I didn’t think it was very important.

Thank you for your feedback, it will benefit me in the future!

Looks weird at first, until you see the nice light effects.
9/10, but I don’t know how to get it to 10/10.

Great job man! :slight_smile:

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Cool username, and thank you for the awesome feedback!

Hey! I think this looks pretty cool! I like the background :smiley:

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