How could i make a function that Clone player character?

Hello, I would like to make a function that makes a “clone” of the player, how could I do that?
Could someone help me with that, please :frowning:

local function CloneBodies()

local lplayer = Players.LocalPlayer

local c = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(lplayer)



Well it looks like you cloned the player, but never assigned the parent of the clone.

local char = lplayer.Character

local Clone = char:Clone()
Clone.Parent = workspace
Clone.CFrame = -- Not sure if this is right, it's just an example of where you place the clone

Functions don’t run on their own. They have to be called

Edit: @treebee63 is correct

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It’s not possible to clone the Player object, do you mean the character model?


yeah, sorry about that, i mean the character model

Character models initially cannot be copied, you’ll have to enable the Archivable property of the model first.

local function CloneBodies()

local lplayer = Players.LocalPlayer

local c = lplayer.Character -- access the player's character

c.Archivable = true -- makes the model cloneable
local characterClone = c:Clone() -- clone model
c.Archivable = false -- resets the character model back to its original state

characterClone.Parent = workspace -- set parent to workspace