How could i make a hitbox for a large/small projectile?

Hello, how can i make a stable hitbox for my projectiles. Whats one of the best ways to make a projectile hitbox?

Any help whould be greatly apreciated!

You can create a part with instance, make it invisible, change it’s size, and then weld it to the projectile.

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Make a part with when you fire your weapon, and size it to your liking of the Hitbox.

Then set these properties on the part:

part.Transparency = 1
part.Massless = true
part.Anchored = false
part.CanTouch = false
part.CanCollide = false --

Now you can weld it to your projectile.

local projectile = idk -- Set to your projectile
local hitbox = idk -- Set to your part you just made
local weld ="Weld")
weld.Part0 = projectile
weld.Part1 = hitbox 
weld.Parent = projectile

Please reply if I did anything wrong, thanks.


Well hitboxes arent the best way of detecting fast projectiles because of rendering isues, but in my case i used a slow projectile and it worked quite amazing! Thanks!

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