How could i make this boss fight less boring?

Hello, i coded a boss fight my game but i feel like its repetitive and a bit boring. Could you guys give me any ideas to not just spam click your mouse for three minutes ?

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Some new abilities would do wonders

Considering its a skeleton, how about making it throw a bone every couple of seconds?
Maybe a tackle towards the player or even a leap & slam considering its bigger than the player.

You could give the player more movement like a sprint button. I also recommend giving the player some type of indication before the boss attacks and maybe give the boss some more ranged attacks, so the player constantly needs to dodge and move.

I would suggest making it a focus to dodge the boss, right now you can stand right next to him without worry, change this and the boss fight will be more alive!

The boss needs more attacks because it’s a bit too easy, plus as long as you keep a distance, he can’t hurt you much so maybe add attacks that could hit the player from a distance if they don’t dodge.

ahh yes that is a good idea, im going to add long range attacks

and im going to add an indication thanks!