How could I scale my UI Perfectly?

Hello there, now Im going to be making a game soon and Im doing UI, But the thing is I use offset due to it being scaled on everybody’s device the same but I heard it was bad. I saw a community tutorial but I didn’t really understand it/have time to read it. A explanation of how to scale/fit UI perfectly on people’s device’s would be great.

Thank u for your time!

there is no “perfect” way, you should expect, and embrace that it will look difforent on varying devices.
doesent mean its a bad thing though :wink:

for scaling, you have 2 options (it is practically “as far as i now” convention to use proportional instead of pixel, so i will assume that is bare minimum baseline).

you can use gui constraint obgets, or you can create a custom system.
a custom system (using lua) would be more difficult, but much more customisable.

(espiceally if you dont know lua), i encourage to look at this link.

good luck :slight_smile:

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