How Could I Secure a Spot in RDC as an (Inactive) New Member?

Hi. I’ve been hoping to reserve a spot in RDC since the first wave of emails have been distributed. Last year, I had received an email, but had never applied. I’ve been told that Nightgladeld confirmed that New Members are in the fourth and final wave, as I’m a relatively inactive member of the Devforum. I was also told that these announcements will be sent on the forum within two weeks’ time.

What I’m concerned about is that either I be excluded from invite list this year, or that I won’t be able to register in time (they sell out quick). As a ten-year veteran of the Rōblox platform, and a developer with over five years of experience, I’d like to attend RDC as an opportunity to network with others like myself. I’ve sent this message to many of the administrators, but nobody was in a position to do anything about it. For that, I’m asking if you’re able to help me bolster my chances of making it in time. Thank you.

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There’s no way to reserve a ticket for RDC, and they are all sold first-come-first-serve. Since the event is an extension/celebration of the developer community, which is heavily focussed around the developer forum, it makes sense that being an active member improves your chances of attending (either through being invited in an earlier wave or by reading the invitation earlier).

Enable phone notifications. Take your credit card with you for the coming weeks so you can buy the tickets everywhere. Download an image of your Roblox avatar beforehand so you can upload it right away. Those are the only tips I can give you in order to buy your tickets as fast as possible.


Then I’ll have no choice but to Heroku myself to it (is that against the rules?).

Wave 4 is going to be application based, so you will apply if you want to go. It’s not going to be an invite. So as long as you’re quick to apply once it’s wave 4 time, you’ll be good.


As was said before, Wave 4 is application based - you will have to apply like everyone else, and it will be judged based on the merits of your application when reviewed by staff. Nothing you can do except write a good application.

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When you mean application based, do you mean like the one for the accelerator programme Rōblox are hosting from earlier?

You said on the Rōblox discord channel that you have 10 more IQ points than I do.

Well - in the sense that it’s an application, yes

Nobody gets priority - you’ll have to fill in a form and Roblox will hand out the rest of the tickets based on who they think deserves them best.

Could you link me to a source confirming that it will be an application and not first-come-first-server (as opposed to Wsly’s claim)?

Thanks for the clarification. I was making an app in Heroku that would repeatedly ping the RDC topic list and, once the PSA post for wave 4 comes out, to post a reply saying ‘count me in’. Wsly had said that I should ‘download an image of your Roblox avatar beforehand so you can upload it right away’. Is he implying that I should attach one for my application to test my preparedness?

I have no idea what is on the application. The avatar is for your ticket if you’re given access to the splashthat

Do you yet have information about what day and time the final wave opens up? I was told it’ll be within two weeks’ time.

Two weeks (ish) from the last wave (3). Depends on when everyone else buys tickets and if there is space / how much space so they can design the application to find an appropriate number of users.

I hope these applications prioritise previous wave 1 invites but didnt have enough $$$ to go are considered as well.
Apparently people who got invited last year and didnt accept didnt get invited this year.


Both Wsly’s & Unix’s claims are correct, not one or the other.
When Wave 4 comes out, it’s an application. You apply, they look you over, and they decide whether or not to invite you. It’s kind of their way to see “who’s interested, that we don’t quite know about yet.”

Then, after you apply to Wave 4, you want to be paying attention for an e-mail saying you’ve been accepted, because they will be accepting a lot of the applications, and the tickets will run out. That being said, you have no guarantee to a spot at RDC until you get an invitation e-mail, and even then you’ll need to be quick on the draw once that e-mail comes in.

Thank you. Do you have an idea about what time of day I should be attentive for?

Nobody knows. Roblox isn’t very public about when this stuff goes down. :man_shrugging: