How could I weld a player's character above my own (as if I'm holding them)?


I’m trying to create a ‘throwing’ system, where a player can click on another, and essentially lift them up above their head. I’ve tried to weld the target’s HumanoidRootPart to my own HumanoidRootPart with an offset; when I do this, movement becomes really weird, I can only describe it as being stiff or something.

So, alternatively, I set network ownership to me (the player lifting the target player), and CFrame a dummy of the target’s character to the same offset as the first method, which works okay - it’s smooth for me, movement is fine, etc. although, because the parts are unanchored, replicating to the other client (target) is a bit dodgy, because the dummy stutters, as if it’s trying to fall, but the other client is setting the CFrame again.

Are there any alternatives? I’m not sure if I provided a thorough description of what I’m trying to achieve, so I apologise in advance.


I wouldn’t constantly change the CFrame because of the same reason as you, I’ve tried something like this once and what I did was weld the player to the other player, movement seemed a bit rough and always static, so I added animations kind of “wobbling”? the character around with CFrames (It wasn’t the best idea to do that on the server), so instead I created some animations for the two players and “simulated” the wobbling around and such and made sure to add easing styles and directions to each keyframe, and everything went well!

You could try it out and see how it goes perhaps? Sounds like one of those moments you improvise to cover up hard-coded stuff.