[How?] Detect if long Object.Name is equal to "string"

So, I have a multiple Frame named as “BGX_~” and my problem is, How do I check if their name is starting with “BGX”?

I know the solution is string.~() but I don’t know how to do the proper syntax for it.

Sample Code:

for _, Frame in pairs(MainFrame:GetChildren()) do
    if Frame.Name == string.find("BGX") then --This is only sample because I don't know what to use.
        Frame.Visible = false

if string.find(Frame.Name, "BGX") then

string.find returns two numbers, the starting and ending point of the match, and you are trying to compare a string to the first number, which obviously results in false. Numbers are truthy, so what I showed works fine.

The function returns nil if no match was found, and nil is falsey, so it would then just not do anything.

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So, if I have multiple frame like this:

local Frame_1 = "BGX_FRAME_1"
local Frame_2 = "BGX_FRAME_2"

local CollectFrames = {Frame_1, Frame_2}

for _, Frame in pairs(CollectFrames) do
    if string.find(Frame, "BGX") then

Will this work?

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