How did this ad get rejected?

So I was about to run an ad for my group and uploaded it pending for moderation and all the sudden it gets rejected. I’m not sure HOW this got rejected but ill show you if
there is anything that gets moderated.


its just moderation being moderation. Just retry uploading the ad again.

Hard to read text is likely to be the cause. Inside the logo the text looks like it’s being obscured in an attempt to bypass, and even if the text is completely innocent, this can result in a rejection.


Alright I’m trying both of your methods and seeing which one works.


Screenshot 2022-05-24 11.40.26
smells like text

I blurred the text, I reuploaded it and see if it passes moderation.

you literally made me lose so many braincells over your reply.
blurring text makes it even harder to read example

bruhhhhhh that’s the opposite of what I said

Just remove it altogether, doing that should definitely fix the problem

Yep, it’s probably false moderation or something. Alothough that small text should be deleted or turned big.