How do games like Tower Defense Simulator Handle game sessions?

So, I’m making a game that works similiar to tower defense simulator. However, I’ve come into an issue.

I realize that they use multiple places in their game to teleport players to, but how do I handle all these places? Do they just have like 100 places and distribute players out to them? And how do they handle once a game is finished in a place- like how does the lobby know to free that place up for a new game to be had there?

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All you have to do is teleport a group of players to a “place” within a game. Once the round ends teleport them back tot he lobby.

You only need to create 1 place and Roblox will create and delete the servers as you teleport people.

Right, I know that. But how does the lobby verify that the game has ended? What if the players leave the game while it’s in progress and they never teleport back to the lobby?

And what do you mean I only need to create one place? I’ll need a place for every map I create.

The lobby does nothing but send players. Once they arrive in the game, the game will send people back to the lobby once the game ends. If a player leaves while in progres… then they simply leave the game… just like any other Roblox game.

What im saying is don’t over think it. It requires very little effort on your part. Want to send players to a game? Just teleport them to the place. In the place have a script so when the game is done it teleports them back to the lobby.

Yes, the place they are sent to is the one that teleports them back at the end of the game.

Hope this helps!

Would still like some more input from someone who has experience with this :slight_smile:

I’ll reiterate to help:

How does the lobby know when a place with an ongoing game has finished and a new game can be started there? How would I send that information from the place with the game back to the lobby?

You need to use MessagingService to communicate cross-server.


Search up :ReserveServer(), that should be a thing that exists.


I would imagine they use this system.

Thank you, I was definitely missing this.

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