How do I achieve a carousel effect with my Ui?

Basically, for the past while, I’ve been attempting to replicate a UI effect that I wanted to ship with my lootbox system, however, whilst I can tween with ease, replicating the effect has proved to be choppy and difficult.

Has anyone got any guidance on how I can do this?


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well, i was using UiPageLayout, and you will need to adjust some stuff

-Create the Frame
-Insert UiPageLayout ( Adjust some stuff to your liking )
-Insert some buttons

-scroll down or up with mouse middle button, quite simple

also, ‘’’ Circular’’ makes the ‘’ table ‘’ loop, in this case, the buttons

I’m fine with making the UI, the issue is making it scroll automatically, it’s something the computer will do not the user

I can only fathom at this time that it has something to do with using the ui scroll element, as far as visual/technical application i am not sure.