How do i add my own folder in here the player?

Idk how to do it, but i want to add a folder in here so server can access it because for some reason server cant access playerscripts :rage:


Has your ServerScript yield until a Player is loaded?
If it doesn’t work then you can try and use ReplicatedStorage instead.

i have it as a clickable button, there is a folder in playerscripts but whenever i click it, it errors with

PlayerScripts could be accessable through LocalScripts. If you want to access it via server then you can use RemoteFunction, but this is very risky for reasons.
I highly recommend you to put the folder in ReplicatedStorage instead if you don’t want any issues.


Ill probably do this, but is there no other way just to add a folder into the player?

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It would have to be accessed by a LocalScript. I can’t do anything about it.