How do I adjust the size of a TextLabel?

Hello everyone! This is my first ever topic I am making so please don’t bash me if this is the wrong area to post this at.

This may be a stupid a question but, how do I adjust the size of a TextLabel? The option to is not available. for me whenever I try to resize It in studio. I’ve tried to look on fixes on Youtube but I couldn’t find any. Any help would be appreciated.

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You should be able to adjust the TextLabel’s size in the properties window.

I looked in the properties tab and it isn’t available.

Maybe you have a group of the properties collapsed. Try clicking on some drop-down arrows in the properties window.

They’re all down. I’ll go ahead and try to restart studio and if that doesn’t work then I’ll probably try inserting another object.

Are you selecting the TextLabel? If you are, look in Properties. In there is size.
When you have Size open (which I recommend because I hate editing both the values at once), just select the axis you want to expand it on. (1st value is a decimal percentage of the screen, and the 2nd value is the pixel offset of the size)

I’m sorry, i was looking at absolute size. Thank you for helping.

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