How do i align a ropeconstraint with parts?

I am creating climb able ropes, its all done except for creating the parts that allign with the ropeconstraint, but i have no idea on how to achieve this.

How do i create parts which will allign with the ropeconstraint?

In the video, the parts wont allign because there are more physics calculations in the script, i need the parts to allign with the rope constraint at all times.

The parts created in the video were created by the script from this link:

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I think @Onogork asked a question similar to this a few years ago but they deleted the twitter thread for it recently. Perhaps they would know?

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First question from me, Why do you want to do this and not use the regular rope?

What do you mean by the regular rope?

I want to use the ropeconstraint as it is more efficient than creating a custom physics rope.

Yes, that’s what I was talking about: the ropeconstraint.

Now I’m confused what you are asking for.