How do i approach a day and night cycle in which night are longer and days are shorter?

I want to make a day and night cycle in which days are shorter than night but i have no idea.

Someone please tell me ways i can approach it.

Thank you :smiley:

Well if you choose simple and just change the timestamp of the sky. then you could change the step based on value

every 5min
if time >= 6:00 and <18:00 then time+1
else time +.5

P.S. not sure if those are the start and stop of day, but it illustrates the idea

Still not sure how to do itโ€ฆ

Pharyx_Styx said it best. Iโ€™ll rephrase it a little for you:

local dayClockTimePerFrame = 1/60
local nightClockTimePerFrame = 1/120
local dayStartTime = 6       -- Change this if you like
local nightStartTime = 18    -- Change this if you like
    -- This is just a fancy loop that makes a function run every frame.
    if dayStartTime < game.Lighting.ClockTime and game.Lighting.ClockTime < nightStartTime then
        -- If in day
        game.Lighting.ClockTime = game.Lighting.ClockTime + dayClockTimePerFrame
        -- If in night
        game.Lighting.ClockTime = game.Lighting.ClockTime + nightClockTimePerFrame

What this script does is it checks if the current clocktime is after dawn but before dusk, then does the day-night cycle by different rates.

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Question being answered by 7 months, i already did it myself but thank you.