How do I attach two humanoids smoothly?

So I’m trying to attach a model with a humanoid in it so that it moves with the player. Unfortunately, the humanoid model is doing stuff to the player like restricting movement while jumping, causing issues with adding force, and sliding off things if the player is using the model for support (I’m not sure if there’s anything else).

The model only has a humanoid so it can run animations from the animation editor. Is there a way I can get the humanoid model to move with the player that isn’t choppy like constantly updating the CFrame or just having loose force applied to it like a BodyPosition?


You can remove the Humanoid and insert an AnimationController instead to play animations. Humanoids have their own wonky physics that shouldn’t be used for something that’s not a player character or NPC.

Also, try setting all the parts’ density in the model attached to the character as low as they can go.


If you remove the Humanoid the Model will be Naked is that okay? @angrybirds94


He said the only reason he has a Humanoid is to play animations, if that’s the case, it likely wouldn’t have/need clothes


Then using an Animation Controller like you suggested would be the Solution. :+1:


Thanks! That helps a ton!

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