How do I brighten Baseparts without using SpecialMeshes?

Hey, I was messing around with meshparts yesterday and I wanted to somehow make them brighter, and when I searched on Google how to do it, Google said to use SpecialMeshes and so I used them but when I tried to tween the size of the part, it didn’t move.

Here is the part with the special mesh and the meshpart

Here is the properties of the part with the special mesh (VertexColor when set to a high number will make it bright btw)

…And here is the properties of the meshpart

If you have any solutions, please share! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can always go old fashioned and add a PointLight to the part.

What Material are they?
If you use Neon they should glow.

Do you need the physical size to change, or just the appearance?
SpecialMeshes have a Scale Property that can be changed as well.

TweenService | Roblox Creator Documentation describes the properties that can be tweened, and from what I understand (I could be completely wrong) The Vector3 of Size and Scale can be changed.

In studio if you change the physical size by reentering the values the Part size changes, but the Scale of the Mesh gets reset to keep the Mesh the same size. If you use the Resize tool then it changes the size, but leaves the scale alone and you’ll see a change in the appearance of the Mesh.

When you are in Test mode select the Part and then Tween it. The Part may be tweening, but the scale may be compensating.

But it wouldn’t have that “brightness” sort of look

I just want the appearance, also if I put it in glow, the texture doesn’t work properly

Here’s what I’m doing and why I would want to use MeshParts