How do I cast a ray base on mouse pointing direction?

Currently I’m trying to cast a ray base on the mouse position. For instance:

I’d like to cast only a small distance of ray with the mouse hit direction, the blue arrow indicates where I want to cast the ray. The only problem right now is how do I get the vector3 position or CFrame of the black arrow? I tried to use Mouse.Hit.LookVector but it gives quirky results.

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There’s actually a property of the Mouse object called “UnitRay”

Maybe you could use that? It shares all the characteristics of a regular ray object.



How would I use it to calculate the black point?

if understand your problem correctly, if you are trying to “expand” the unit ray (make it longer) you can do something like this:

local ExpandedRay  =  UnitRay.Origin + UnitRay.Direction * Length