How do I change how slow the block falls?

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    I want to make this block go slower down but I don’t know how to change it’s speed, can anyone help me achieve this?
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    The issue it is going to fast down and I am making an obby and am working on easy difficulty which means I can’t have the block to go down so fast.
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    I’ve tried watching videos and creating other pieces of code but it hasn’t worked.
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    This is my code:

local part = script.Parent --Variable set to original part
local debounce = false --Debounce variable

----//Detect when the part has been touched

----//Detect if touched input is a valid player and checks for debounce
if touched.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") and debounce == false then

	debounce = true --Debounce so that we don't trigger this function multiple times

	----//Creates a fake copy of the part that falls
	local copy = part:Clone()--Creates a clone of the block
	copy:FindFirstChild("Script"):Remove()--Remove the script in the cloned part

	----//Make the original part invisible and uncollidable, then we can work with the cloned part
	part.Transparency = 1 --Turns Original Part invisible
	part.CanCollide = false --Makes Original Part uncollidable

	----//Work with the cloned part
	copy.Parent = part.Parent --Sets cloned part parent instance to the original parts parent instance
	copy.Anchored = false --Makes the clone part fall with physics

	wait(5) --Time to wait for the part to come back or 'Respawn', you can change the number to the time you want in seconds

	----//Destroy the cloned part and set original part back to it's state
	copy:Destroy() --Destroy the cloned parts instance
	part.Transparency = 0 --Turns Original Part visible
	part.CanCollide = true --Makes Original Part collidable

	debounce = false --Closes the debounce so that this function can be activated again




Bro All of that for a block Falling scratching. It’s crazy.

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give it a vectorforce pushing up vertically underneath it at half of its mass so it fights gravity but still falls

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I know, I wish it was just simple like this
local falling block
if falling block (falls 500 cm down) then
respawn falling block as a transparent greyish going downwards
respawn falling block
connect falling block

If only it were that simple…

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probably create your own physics, like lerping the block to fall

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is it always the same moves cuz if it is u can tween and the script seems not to be related to the problem lol

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apply body mover or constraint to stabilize forces and add some resistance to gravity