How do I check if a user is above 13?

Like I want to add some 13+ stuff, and I would like to check if someone is 13+

Is there some way like finding it?

I’ve tried to use Voice Chat Enabled for user? like if its enabled, they might be 13+, but I found that my friend’s friend, who are all 8 and 9 years, have voice chat by using their brother or sister id

you’d use PolicyService:GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync, i believe. the ‘AllowedExternalLinkReferences’ part of it, more speficially is what you’re looking for(it checks if a user is allowed to see youtube/discord links, a trait only pertaining to 13+ users)

Players can just use a fake birth date for Policyservice so the result won’t be very different

Tell them to say C7RN if its #### then <13

True but it’s the most accurate one we’ve got.

something like this?

local PolicyService = game:GetService("PolicyService")

local Players = game:WaitForChild("Players")

local plr = Players.LocalPlayer

local result , policyinfo = pcall(function()

return PolicyService:GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync(plr)


if not policyinfo.AllowedExternalLinkReferences then

plr:Kick("You are under 13!")


AllowedExternalLinkReferences is a table, not a boolean

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Allowed external refrences, is an array, if you can get access to all social media, the table will have all the 4 social media values names like twitter, discord,youtube