How do I clear data?

Heyo, I’m making a script that only runs when the player has a certain amount of visits. The issue is, I’m not able to debug / test this script because I have too many visits. How would I clear my data so I can reset my amount of visits?

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This seems very unnecessary when you could very easily just temporarily change the variable to whatever you want during debug sessions

local TutorialGui = script.Parent
local TutorialFrame = TutorialGui:WaitForChild("TutorialFrame")
local YesButton = TutorialFrame:WaitForChild("Yes")
local NoButton = TutorialFrame:WaitForChild("No")
local AmountOfPlayerVisits = 0
TutorialGui.Enabled = false
	AmountOfPlayerVisits += 1
	if AmountOfPlayerVisits == 1 then
		TutorialGui.Enabled = true
		TutorialFrame.Text = "Hey there! It looks like you are new, would you like a tutorial?"
			TutorialFrame.Text = "Continue Tutorial..."
				TutorialFrame.Text = "Ok, enjoy your stay! (If you ever want to go back to the tutorial, (insert thing here)"

this is the script, and I need to test it.

I see what you mean now — judging based off your script, you’re trying to detect new players. CharacterAdded will fire every time their character is loaded, so that wouldn’t be ideal (you can create a new topic for that). To clear up your initial question, you can access your DataStore through the command bar. If you don’t feel like doing that, you could always check out the toolbox for DataStore editor plugin