How do I create an outline?

Hi. I’m trying to create a building system, and when I have the tool select something, it works, but it’s just all green, see here:
How do I make an outline?

you create a selection box

local box ="SelectionBox")
box.Color3 = Color3.fromRGB(147, 255, 58)
box.Adornee = part -- change to part

box.Parent = part

Thanks, but that only works when you select the certain part. Because you create a variable for the part. Fix?

I dont know how your building system is made. I simply made an example to give you a headstart.

im not sure but if im right you can apply a selection box to a model too

if not you can get the bounding box of a model then load in a part thats the same size and orientation as the bounding box and apply the selectionbox to it

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