How do I decrease lag in my workspace?

So I have lots of parts in my workspace, which makes lots of lag for the client. This makes the whole gameplay seem bad, especially for lower end computers. Is there a way that I can decrease lag in the whole workspace? Would makings part’s visible and invisible help due to how far the player is?

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If you want to you can try moving them to ServerStorage, the client can’t access the ServerStorage, so its perfect for removing that lag, but if this does not work You may have to just store them in another game if that’s what your looking for, is just storage.

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I need everything to be in the same game.

Yes I acknowledge that, I would suggest you try the ServerStorage Like I suggested in the previous comment, but I will look into this.

Alright, I will try that, thank you!

If that happens to not work just respond to me, I’m currently looking for other ways to solve an issue like this, I haven’t really encountered it. Also If your making maps, group them, put them in folders, or however you address them from other maps, then put them into ServerStorage. Remember, do not pick ReplicatedStorage as some people just mix up names.