How do I do hover over animation on a block like mining simulator

Hi I made a post ten minutes ago How do I make it so when I hover over an object it underlines it and no one replied and I think the reason is because what I said doesnt make much sense so what i’m trying to do is making it when I hover over a block so like put my mouse on it without pressing on it it does something like mining simulator in the following picture:

please reply anything helps :slight_smile:

Use Mouse.Target and surround the objet/item with an anchored box or 6 decals (1 decal per face)

Can u tell me what the script is i dont understand what u mean

So what you can do is checking everything your mouse is pointing. This is the job of game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse(). Then just get the size of the target. Once you did it, you can place an half transparent part to the Target. Just update the Target every 0.5s maybe or find a way to delete the transparent part once the player leave the object with the mouse

and do I put the script as the child of the block/part

The mouse is a property of the LocalPlayer. You would insert a LocalScript inside every player that joins the game

oh okay makes sense thx for helping ill tell you if i have any other problems

No problem, i hope it will help you :+1: