How do I find free roblox sound effects?

I’ve been trying to look for good sound effects for my game and UI’s. I can’t find any free good ones since roblox has been filled with royalty free music from roblox and I hate that. Does someone have any tips?

Try the toolbox, then try looking up official roblox sound effects.

P.S. I’m a composer if that doesn’t help, I do stuff really cheap.

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When searching the toolbox, use the tab which let’s you set max time to around ten seconds to filter out mass uploaded music. You can also find Roblox gears and use the sound effects in them, they’re usually fairly high quality.

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Yep, that is what I do too. Search for the sound you want, like bell or buzz or whatever and limit the max time to a few seconds to remove the songs from the results.

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you can upload it
(cost money)

He asked for free sound effects.