How do I fix this (Archimedes v3)

This is actually really annoying, someone knows how to fix this?

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By itself, Archimedes doesn’t resize the bits of the road after you create a segment of the arc, which means that you’re inevitably going to have overlapping parts when trying to use it on models like this.

There’s an Auto-Resize checkbox in Archimedes 3, underneath “Swap Sides”, but it’s currently in beta and is a very unstable feature, so it may end up not working for your model, too. If you try this, it tends to work best if you set the Alignment mode to “Outside”.

In the case that doesn’t go well for you, you want to get a plugin like Resize Align to fix the overlap.


The easiest way to not have trouble with this is to use a smaller angle, mostly 5 and it should be straight enough. The plugin cannot fix poke outs on sharp curves, so as the person above said you would have to get the align tool to help you align it out.

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