How do I fix this error?

Hello there, fellow Roblox developers!

I am RedBoy (@RedBoyHD_YT) and as you all can tell from the title, I encountered an error in which I need help. The issue is that when I import a mesh into the MeshId property of mesh part, an error message is displayed which says “Your mesh has too many triangles! Limit is 10000. Your mesh has 14372”.

Here is a screenshot taken of the error message:

Screenshot 2022-11-30 154634

Any ideas about what this means? I tried changing the pose of the character mesh but I still get the same message popping up. I even searched the Forum for posts about this but I could not find any. Is there any way I can upload the mesh without making any changes to it?

Really appreciate the help. Thank you all so much in advance!

It’s self explanatory, the mesh is too high poly and needs to be uploaded in separate pieces.

Assuming you’re familiar with it, you can do this in Blender by going in edit mode, selecting a bunch of vertices, and then pressing P.

From there, select the separated piece, and export as OBJ with Selected Only ticked. Do the same with the original one.

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Is there a way I can fix without using Blender? This is because I made the mesh in Roblox Studio.

There is no way of doing this without some sort of 3D manipulation software.

You could try using the Import 3D button, which automatically reduces triangles. This might make it look weird, though.

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Thank you so much for your help, it is good enough for me to use the Import 3D way

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