How do I fix this strange lightings issue?

Hey everyone,

I have been working on a client for my games. To swap categories, I added a light/dark theme (based off of lighting service).

When I swap between modes, the dark theme has this strange lighting issue where it shows this tiny chrome esc tint for a couple milliseconds then disappears… am I missing something that would fix this issue, or is it on Roblox’s end?

The issue:


Thats roblox’s fault, I don’t think you can fix it anyhow


Are you tweening any Atmosphere properties? It can be pretty buggy.


Are you sure it isn’t because your character just isn’t near any lights or something? The ground looks pretty dark as well.

The ground is suppose to look like that, but I just testing what you said, sadly nothing changed.

This is because the atmosphere changes so fast, atmosphere color depends on the skybox so when the skybox changes the atmosphere will delay a bit to load the color.
I think this cant be fixed, it really depends on your internet connection and how strong your PC is.

If that is the case, it shouldn’t work that way. Also, I was on a very beefy PC with 16 ping while showcasing the issue, so I doubt that’s the case as well.