How do I get a guis position?

I’m really confused. why doesn’t this work?
Position.Value = player.PlayerGui:WaitForChild(“ScreenGui”).TextLabel.Position.X


local textlabel = --set the variable
textlabel.Position = position)
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I’m trying to store it’s position though, what you’re doing is changing it.

GUI’s have a different type of position property from your part. They have a .Position property with a .X and .Y value in them, and the X and Y both have a Scale and Offset property in them.

The position for a GUI is stored as a Udim2 value, which takes 4 numbers:, X.Offset, Y.Scale, Y.Offset)

Hopefully you can see now how this is a little different from the normal position property.

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If you’re trying to store the entire position, just do TextLabel.Position

If you want to store the X position, you would need to store either the Offset or Scale of the X position. If you’re using both the Scale and Offset, you would need to save both.

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I think that

local pos = plr.PlayerGui.ScreenGui.TextLabel.Position

would just work, or if that doesn’t work then

local pos=