How do I get ideas for buildings for my city?

I’m building a realistic city but I can’t get ideas for the buildings.on my other map/game my crew said there were too many skyscrapers and not detailed.Any suggestions


You have shown your map before, which you should link again in case someone asks.

For me though, I don’t need to see your map, because literally you can go to a random large city on Google Maps and look for specific buildings like restaurants, parks, etc. Remember when making buildings similar to existing ones, avoid using the actual branding or names of said buildings.

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Ok but like I wanna have matching building kinda modern with the modern buildings,old with the old,because I feel like if the just mixed up it looks kinda tacky on roblox

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Is this regarding the post you’ve created before if so I would recommend staying and gathering different ideas and suggestions and implementing them inside your city as for getting ideas (city’s don’t just hold a bunch of skyscrapers) there more In the area such as houses cafes, restaurants stores office buildings billboards ect.

I would advise always looking at images to get the full design of what’s inside a city right know there is no images so I can’t get a general look at everything like I said before if this is the same thread you’ve posted before have you consider using the feedback that people gave you? I would try making models at the moment I can’t tell what you created, so it’s going to be kinda hard providing feedback on something.

City areas have trees, playgrounds, office buildings and others. Something in this image below could give you an idea.