How do I get my game to be like this?

Hello! I’ve always seen somewhat big titles have this large box around there game. How do I unlock this?

. These are examples.


That’s with editing a thumbnail. Users can upload pictures and those pictures where editied to have text on them.

No. I am saying how the big games have like special sections for them. Notice how adopt me is like bigger than the other games on the side?

I think Roblox does that, or theirs a certain visit count that you have to meet in order to have that.

Hm I see, do you know what that visit count may be?

No I don’t. As of right now there really is no way that I know of but you always contact support to ask them if your game doesn’t reach the keyword search with a constant of 1K+ players and isn’t similar to any other games. I think it just like other sorting type methods and you just have to be select. Anyways best of luck to you and your game.

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This only happens in search results. Don’t worry about it, in case it’s urgent you can quickly bid 200K

“In case it’s urgent you can quickly bid 200k” . 200k robux on yeah brb ima go search in a trash can for that lol

Look, roblox decides this judging by your totally player amount, plays, ratings and robux made. It’s an award to your game. Sometimes takes years to build up. All I told you is that you can accelerate it by bidding loads on ads.
Btw if your game name contains “Army” or “City” it’s unlikely that your game will ever get that because there’s too many games of this genre.

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To get your game like that your game would have to be the most popular and most robux made when players search up that name. Ex : If your game is called “Taco Simulator” and a player searches up “Taco Simulator” and the player clicks on the game, Roblox would detect that and your game would be up there. Note this only works when a significant amount of players do this.

Woohoo, I just realized my game has one of these!

If I had to guess, I would say its not tied only to visit count. I think it would be based on how many people searched for the word, then, how many percent clicked that game in the search results and whether that percentage of clicks is significantly larger than any of the other results.