How do i get rid of this

so i just hopped on my game and tested out some stuff then a error appeared and it said something strange then i click what it and it came from a script called “Rigby” with like over 2k lines long and im pretty its a virus that my builder installed but i cant delete it because it only appears when i run the game how do i get rid of this

message.txt (67.2 KB)


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If it only appears when you run the game then it means another script is creating it, go through your scripts and see if you find any that are suspicious,

You could also try to use find all and search up 1 of these 3

  • require
  • getfenv
  • setfenv

It may probably be a require from a script you didn’t create

i searched up reqire but that was like hella scripts and there was none in setfenv so does any of these look suspicous

You have a ton of viruses in your game. Remove all of them.

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If you haven’t added in those scripts, which likely you didn’t, remove them. Look through everything using those keywords I mentioned, even require, there could be something that’s using require to bring that script in

Viruses usually appear when you use toolbox a lot without checking for scripts in the models. Or when you install plugins that aren’t “popular and known to be safe”.

ik but my builder probably did it because ive never used free models in my life so idk which thing he inported

Weird virus…I opened that file you attached and it included bad words…maybe do something about your builder…