How do I get the memory that an instance takes in a game?

As the title shows, how will I accomplish this?

Stats would be the service to give you this info.


You can get the Deprecated Global called DataCost.
Though it is deprecated, it can still be used in the commandline

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It gives out a number, but idk what that number means…

Yeah, but idk what should I use from there to get the memory of an instance.

That is how much it costs to save the instance using the deprecated data persistence

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You can get how much memory is being used with Stats:GetTotalMemoryUsageMb.

Though I am curious what this is for?

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I just want to know how much memory my unions take in my game specifically. Why, I want to do this, because if I am in the game and I turn on the Microphiler. I look to the sky and everything is normal, but once I look to the models the bar gets full… So I want to see how much memory they occupy independently.