How Do I Go about in Making A Part Surround an Object and Not Go through it

Hello Everyone, I’m currently making a game in which you can control a boat the water in this game is essentially a part that looks like water The Boat in this game will have an engine room that is below this part/water so I Want to make it so that the water/part surrounds it and not clip into it.
If anyone Has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them as I am not the best scripter. Thanks For Reading.

I know that you used to be a able to put a partly transparent Glass Material Part in front of Terrain Water and it would make the transparent water appear to disappear. Not sure how it would work with Transparent Parts though.

Are there other boats in your game? If not you could place a Unioned Part with the water cut away where the engine room is and move it with the boat. You could make the water appear to stay in place by using a Texture on the water and changing the offset of the Texture while the boat is moving.

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If you have no windows on the bottom part, you can simply delete the part as they go under.

Thanks For Replying!
It’s Going to be a multiplayer game so other ships are going to be about the map But How could I go about with the Glass Material Part Method? what are the properties to do this?

Make a Glass Part attached in the boat, just above the surface of the water Part you have.
Set the Transparency of the Glass Part to something like .995, but you may need to play with it to get it to work properly.
Not sure if it’ll work, but give it a try.

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No Luck But I recall In One of my old games that I had a glass on the bridge of the ship and terrain water would appear invisible if you were looking through it so I’m going to go back and find that not sure if it will work with a part though

Ok, I found the old model but it seems it no longer works.

Ok so the funniest thing happened I was rescaling the water part and saw that I could see right through the glass so I changed the water transparency to 0.1 and it worked thanks!

Sometimes semi-transparent items will flicker in and out behind other semi-transparent parts depending on the camera position. Try shifting the camera around to make sure it works properly. Also try changing your Studio graphics setting to see if it affects it. Roblox Graphics settings can be a real pain if you depend on something like this for your game.

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