How do I have communication between places?

Alright. Let me explain.

How would I achieve place to place communication? Is there a HTTPS API that let’s me do this or maybe an ingame service? Do I have to use Datastore?

Let’s say I have 3 places. Place A, B and C.
These are their jobs

  • A is where the players will start in. They will choose if they want to go to place B or C
  • B is where players will send information to players in place C
  • C is where players will carry out instruction from place B

So, how would I:

  • Send the number of players in place B and C so that one does not get filled up with too many players.
  • Send information from players of place B to C of what instructions players are to do.
  • Send the confirmation of an instruction from place C to B

The players will all be in the same game.

Thanks for your time and effort. :smiley:

You can use MessagingService.

Does this work between places or between games?

It seems to me like the service does between games.

There are only cross-place API right now. No API supports cross-experience communication. MessagingService communicates with all instances of all places of your experience.