How do i improve those buildings

My brother found some buildings that he wanted to use for a Jailbreak-Like game which is cancelled. And he gave them to me:

Jewelry store (I don’t know if that’s how i call it)

Game Store:

Basic Store:

Police Base:

I want to improve them by adding more stuff, what i should add?

Also, i don’t know what i should do with them, if i should use them in my incoming MMORPG or sell them

If you want to give a prize for each asset then message me

Thanks for responding! :+1:


Maybe add some overhanging parts to give the buildings more definition

I don’t really know what else to add on for feedback, I assume you want to keep the buildings the same minimalist style

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They look alright! Maybe add some more signs/decoration. Also a little less blockiness would be good, it would add a nice clean finish to it!

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That actually looks really nice! Maybe you can add doors to go inside and out. :+1:

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Honestly, try not to have it so similiar to Jailbreak. I didn’t even have to read the description, I noticed the first image right away and knew instantly it was something similar copied off Jailbreak. Try and expand your imagination and make something new and interesting.

Instead of taking their ideas and re-creating a different style to what the stores look like, you could try expanding and adding more to the game but also taking reference:

  • Jewelry store > you could create a lab, large mansion, or artwork store instead.
  • Car store > this could be adjusted in your home garage, instead.
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You should make the text 3d instead of a decal, and maybe use some more subtle shades of neon for the windows, that’s all.

Making 3d texts will make everything a bit more laggy, but i will keep your suggestion :slight_smile:

Recommend adding some more shape to the build and maybe some modern stuff such as an overhang, The Pronto-Stop is a bit bland and plain and just has no shape at all, maybe adding more depth and creativity to the build would make it stand out more.

Police Base has no windows and maybe add a sort of helipad on the roof with a staircase outside to get up. Also experiment with other colours to see what you like best and something the players will see and be attracted to.

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