How do I increase profit on my game?

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Yesterday I sponsored a recent obby game of mine for 5,000 robux. It has gotten some visits, been averaging to around 5-10 players, overall doing good with players Imo, although I’ve only made 2 sales ever since. The sponsor will be running out in some hours and before I sponsor again, I was wondering if I could collect some data/feedback on how I can improve the sales for the game. :slight_smile:

Game: 🌎Escape The Earth Obby! - Roblox

No sign saying what it is and you can’t buy them

Also for the clothing I think a proximity prompt would be better since clicking the little shirt button isn’t super obvious

I’ve had a conversation about this a while ago. Sponsors are quite useless right now. I think you would get better advertising results with normal advertisements. I’ll give you a link to the thread in a moment.
Edit: Link: My CTR of a Sponsor is TERRIBLE

If you want good sales, you have to look at your audience and what appeals to them. If you have a game that is really easy, most “skip” gamepasses will not appeal to them for example.

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I personally think it’s somewhat difficult for the target audience, but maybe that’s just me

It now works! Thanks for suggesting that.