How do I know how many players can handle my experience at a time?

How would I find out how many players is too much that it would cause lag for anybody in the game?

  • The game does have a lot of parts and visual mechanic to render, if that’s of any help. (Around 4 baseplates full of content)
  • I want player on all devices to be able to play, I’d expect a large portion to be mobile aswell.

The type of game that it is would be more interactive if it has lots of players, so I was thinking about 35 players maximum


However many players in your game does not depict how well it will run on a device, what you should be concerned about is client and server memory usage.

High memory usage = low frames on client / server crashing if memory is on the server.

You should use StreamingEnabled if you can (To ensure your game runs) else you can script your own culling system.

A high amount of players (~25) with a lot of parts or high-polygon models in them could possible lag the clients framerate, so I would try and keep polygons counts low where you can.
For example, have a high detail first-person gun model, but a low-detail third person model.

But, the best thing you can do is stress test your game, see what it can handle.


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