How do i learn effects like this

I want to get effects like this video idk how and I have seen a yt vid on the topic but it does not explain much (also please keep in mind that I am new to this and just need some help.)

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You would modle the charter in a 3D software like blender (I use blender) then render the image and put it in a image editing softwerar, You could do the effects by using a brush in the editor software and just choose a color. Lots of people use phtoshop but it’s not free. You can find free editing softwaers out on the internet but not all will have what you need.

oh yeah i have photoshop but where do i get those effects?

Like kt shows in the vidoe you draw it on useing a brush them make it smooth/smuge…

Why not try and slow the video down and watch how the person does it in the video?


Everything is already explained in that video, you can’t really follow it step by step because that’s not how it works, art isn’t something that you can easily replicate unlike scripting. If you already have an editing software I suggest following a guide or tutorial on the basics of everything in that software, because everything in the video you linked is done with basic in-built tools with addition to some images from google.
While I understand that you are new to doing this, you can’t really go from 1 to 100 just from 1 video alone. It’s like trying to follow someone building a skyscraper step by step, it’s nearly impossible, and even if you succeed you barely learn anything from it.

here are the 2 main ways I create flames in photoshop

  1. create a path and render it as a flame
  2. draw some lines in yellow, apply a orange outer glow and then smudge it with Kyle’s impressionist blender 1, (go light on the smudging)
    Here are the results
    right 2 are from using the first method, left 2 is done by the second method
    I think the 2nd method would be easier for your purposes though :slight_smile: