How do I learn more math when scripting?

I’m only 14 years old and my level of math isn’t huge. I wanna improve my math because some stuff require a lot of math! How would I get better?

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First, if you want to use Math you should look at the description before searching what it does. Like Math.abs just returns back a positive value and that is just the description telling us that. If you can’t understand it then search google or what-ever. If you still don’t understand, go to devforums and ask.

not stuff like math.pi I mean math in general like trigonometry


Wait for you to learn it in class or search google.


i mean you cant learn aton for math in scripting maybe just watch videos or wait for school to teach you like trigonometry you would most likely learn in geometry at least the simple stuff.

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He means to learn math while scripting, the reply you are making Is kinda off topic imo

I am making games in roblox for years, Unless you push the limits of 3d things (parts, models, animations) etc you wont get a huge math problem that its really hard to solve, by really hard to solve i mean it if you have problems with something you can post it here to get help anyway.

So as i said, roblox scripting requires math but not like you think, If you want to know math in real life by programming in roblox well i cant say dont even think about it but i cant say you can become either. If you want to know more math for programming things, just focus on what you want to make and if you cant calculate something google it or ask for help.

Sorry if my answer is not what you want, I couldnt get what you are asking about from your post


As a 14 yo kid myself, I think just scripting in general expands your brains capacity for thinking. For example when you are solving a bug it uses a lot of problem solving skills. But I would say it does not help you with math like Trig and Geometry.

-- Addition
local Value1 = 3
local Value2 = 5
local Result = Value1 + Value2
-- Multiply
local Value4 = 12
local Value5 = 5
local Result2 = Value4* Value5

-- Divide
local Value6 = 60
local Value7 = 5
local Result3 = Value6 / Value7

Put this code in a script and run it and see what happens in the output window. Try to experiment with it and learn math yourself!

I suggest using HegartyMaths, they have almost everything about maths there. Videos and small quiz to test yourself after you watch the video.

I have 2 years of experience, so I already understand that math. I wanna learn real tricky math

I meant how do I learn the math for really tricky physics.

If you want more tricky math then try experimenting with:

while wait(1) do
     local Chances = math.random(1,100)
while wait(1) do
     local X = math.random(1,100)
     local Y = math.random(1,100)
     local Z = math.random(1,100)
     local Part = -- Your part--
     Part.Position =,Y,Z)
-- etc.

These are some examples I provided for you.

I get that math since it’s basic but I get where your going