How do I look for a variable in a string?

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    I want to find variables in a string and replace them

“local baseplate = workspace.Baseplate”

turns into

“local baseplate = game.Lighting.Baseplate”

I only want it to find objects and also not just variables. I want it to also find things obscure like

print(workspace,workspace.Baseplate) ← finds the “workspace.Baseplate” here and replaces it with cheese.Baseplate or something

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I tried some methods but i cant get it perfect.

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    I used recursive stuff and gsub, split and whatever but i had no luck
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function sandbox:getInstanceVariables(str)
	local spl = str:split(".")
	local insts = {}
	local start = 0
	for i,v in pairs(spl)do
		local f = false
		if v == "workspace"then
			v = "Workspace"
		for s,ser in pairs(
			if s == v:match(s)then
				f = true
				v = s
		if f and spl[i+1]then
			local str = v.."."..spl[i+1]
			local ind = i+1
			local found
			while (not found and spl[ind]) do 
				for i,v in pairs(_G.inst)do
					if v:GetFullName() == str then
						found = v
						local new = ("_G.inst['%s']"):format(spl[ind])
						str = str:sub(1,start),#new+1)
				if not found then
			if found then 
	return insts

–The code above works but doesn’t filter properly.

It gets the service and prints this

“ReplicatedStorage.Name = blah blah”

but it should be


_G.inst is a table of objects is a module filled with sandboxed services - recreating game.

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category.

local newString = string.gsub(“local baseplate = workspace.Baseplate”, “workspace.Baseplate”, “game.Lighting.Baseplate”)
Now if we print newString it will print game.Lighting.Baseplate
(Reminder: Dont copy, its just how you could do it)


Thats not what im looking for.

I want it to find every instance that could be in a string.


“workspace.Baseplate” - flagged return Baseplate
“game.ReplicatedStorage.Event” - flagged return Event
“workspace.Part.Part.Part.Weld.Script.Highlight” - flagged. return Highlight

hm. I actually have a solution for this. let me code.

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local instance = "game.Workspace.Baseplate"
instance = string.gsub(instance, "game.", "")
instance = string.split(instance, ".")

local lastInstance = game
for i, v in pairs(instance) do
	lastInstance = lastInstance[v]
print(lastInstance) -- this will print Baseplate in this example.

(you can also say Workspace.Baseplate)

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Did this help you? @ScandalousSolution

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You’ll need to get a list of services which are referenced “game.ServiceName” and then use gsub to replace them from strings with nothing to get the instance path after the service reference itself.

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local path = "game.Workspace.Model.Part.Script"
local instance = string.match(path, ".([^%.]+)$")
--"Script" is output
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Only issue with thisnis that it would error in the script if the child does not exist. That may be an unwanted operation, so a slight modification would allow this to work pretty well.

local instance = "game.Workspace.Baseplate"
instance = instance:gsub("game.", "");
instance = instance:split(".")

local lastInstance = game
for i, v in pairs(instance) do
        if(lastinstance:FindFirstChild(v)) then
	    lastInstance = lastInstance[v];
            print(v, "is not a member of", lastInstance:GetFullName());
print(lastInstance) -- this will print Baseplate in this example.

Everyone here is getting it wrong. I am making a sandbox to run code but limit it so the user cant abuse. I need a function that finds every single instance inside a string, and returns the object
what i mean is

if a user runs:

the script finds workspace as an instance and adds it to a table to be returned.

or maybe they put

it will find the remote in replicated storage and returns it

and for big scripts like

game.ReplicatedStorage.Name = "noob"
local s = game:GetService("Workspace")

game:GetService(“Workspace”) is detected, return workspace
print(s) is not detected, because i only want it when its actually called to get an object
game.ReplicatedStorage.Name is detected, return replicatedstorage
workspace is detected, return workspace.

Thats an example. I don’t want it to detect services, just objects that might be inside of them.
Thank for your responses, although I don’t think it would be optimal if i checked through every single Instance in the game.

I know some crazy regex string pro has an answer to it, but its unlikely.