How do I make a character in game

I am making an MMORPG game, like Vesteria, and I want to be able to make a character when you first join, and you stay that way forever, even when you leave and rejoin.

I have little scripting knowledge, and I can’t find any working scripting tutorials

I’ve tried searching on the forum, but have found no luck.

You can look into HumanoidDescriptions, which is what I would suggest personally, but that can be a little bit confusing to learn especially with little scripting knowledge.

This is a hacky way to do it but you could just override player clothing, bundles, etc. It can be found under Game Settings in Studio.


Oh, ok! But how do I make it so they can pick a limited amount of items?

What do you mean limited amount of items?

Like I add a few hairs into the game and they can select one of them and make it save forever

You’d need to utilize RemoteEvents to detect which one they selected, then you can just copy and paste the hair onto their avatar.

I’d suggest using HumanoidDescriptions, so you can load the whole character including the hair they chose if they rejoin a new server or whatever.

Cool! I’ll look those up and see if I need any help afterwards

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