How do I make a completely new gui come up when I open a gui?

Can anybody tell me how to make a new gui come up when I open a gui?

Basically its like when you click a shop icon, a new gui comes up with all the stuff so the screen isn’t just filled with stuff.

Can anybody help?

You need a button that is scripted to open a gui. Search it on youtube. Some good examples are like team changers. They show the script to do that.

Good Luck!

Thanks! Do you know how to animate it when I click it, or maybe play a sound when I click it though?

Yes. You can use tweenpositon to “tween” the gui to movie from spot to spot. GuiObject | Roblox Creator Documentation or UI Animations | Roblox Creator Documentation

One would be audio and a script it to play when the button is clicked. I’m not sure on animations.

You can also play a sound by doing this

local sound = -- your sound here

-- when gui is made/clicked
function PlaySound()

-- call function when clicked ui here

essayer de jouer avec “BackgroundTransparency” ou la position :smiley:

How would changing the background transparency animate it?

(Comment la modification de la transparence de l’arrière-plan l’animerait-elle?)

local ts = game:GetService("TweenService") 
local tweening =, Enum.EasingStyle.Sine, Enum.EasingDirection.Out)
local properties = {
          BackgroundTransparency = 1

local shopgui = script.Parent

local create = ts:Create(shopgui, tweeninfo, properties)


Try this and see if it works

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Do you want to animate the GUI to a new position, or do you want to animate it out of existence for a bit

basically lemme explain

theres a gui that says something like ‘shop’ on the side of the screen, you click the ‘shop’ and it opens a gui thats the ‘shop’ but when you open the ‘shop’ it doesn’t just come up, it sort of falls from the top of the screen and arrives in the middle of the screen

if that makes any sense

In that case