How do I make a cube like Stay on the Cube?

I think scripting support is the best place to put this, but not sure. So I was wondering how I would make a cube like the cube in Stay on the Cube. It moves like it’s being controlled my the rotate tool, and is anchored in the sky at the same time. I hope somebody can help me with this weird question lol.

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I didn’t know CFrames would work in a situation like this (because I’ve never used them or understood them). Thanks, I will read up on how.

Let’s assume the cube is physically simulated and not actually anchored. Then,

it is being rotated with some force (one of the Constraints or BodyMovers)

It is attached to an anchored part in the sky with an attachment.

The main reason to have the cube be physically simulated is that you pretty much don’t need to script anything but where the forces should move the cube. If you used CFrame, then you would also have to deal with smoothing out stuttering, setting Velocity and RotVelocity so that the players don’t slide on the cube etc.

One important point I will write here regardless of whether you understand it: no player should have NetworkOwnership of the cube, otherwise an exploiter can just yeet the cube and end the round.

I haven’t actually played the game yet, but that’s how I assume how it works, and how clockwork’s Vertigo worked.

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