How do I make a curved road?

Hello, I’ve been trying to make a curved road, but I can’t. I’m using Archimedes, but whenever I try to make a curve, it messes up in the end. I don’t know the math of how do I do it.

I want to make this:

This is my first time creating a road, and I mess up at the end. Here’s my road so far:

As you can see I’m trying to make the road curve by unioning but I still got confused because of lots of parts, so my build became complex. I want to achieve a curve with the Archimedes plugin.


So, I’m trying to make this curve, but the part doesn’t exactly connect with the other corner of the 56x56 studs part. How do I make it connect? Is there any math to do this perfectly?

Any help is appreciated, as I’m building my first map.

I’ve made the curved road with a tutorial, and it was pretty easy to make.

I will be trying to find better ways to make an optimized road in Blender in the future.

Here’s the tutorial if you’re struggling with roads:

I hate to be that guy, but you should not be using Gap Fill to connect those edges. You should use Resize Align instead, since that one doesn’t add unnecessary parts.


Yeah after filling up the gaps, I saw many wedges being used to make parts. I tried using resize align then, but it wasn’t smooth. Since resize align doesn’t make smooth edges, I made the road for reference in Blender. I’m bad at understanding scaling in Blender, so what I would be doing instead is unioning the road, then exporting it as .obj, then remaking it in Blender, which will be performance friendly and smooth.

Fun fact: using gap fill added 170+ parts only in one curve, imagine using that road all over the map…

That’s why I will only be using this map for reference. But I will try to find better ways to make roads inside Roblox Studio, for now, Blender is the best choice.

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