How do I make a disclaimer GUI

Hello fellow devs, I want to make a Disclaimer GUI where when the player joins in and then waits after 10 seconds, the close button will appear and the GUI would not respawn when the player respawned. The reason why I wanted to make a Disclaimer GUI is that I wanna remind anyone who plays my game that my game is completely satire.

I have problems where I couldn’t make this Disclaimer GUI possible, I tried everything and the script doesn’t work so that’s why I needed help.

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That’s so simple. Just Parent a local script inside your GUI where your GUI is patented to StarterGui, and make the script to do wait(10) at the beginning of the script then, you set the transparency of the close button GUI to 0, and then you connect that text button to the MouseClick event which will destroy the GUI. Problem solvedb

You can use Replicated First, this service will only fire scripts when the player joins the game. Only works with Local Scripts.

if not game:IsLoaded() then -- Wait for the game to load

local ScreenGui = script.ScreenGui:Clone() -- ScreenGui location
ScreenGui.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui

wait(10) -- Time to wait for the button

ScreenGui.Frame.Close.Visible = true -- Show the button

u can do it like this just put it in ServerScriptStorage also u have to use your own variable:

local plr = game.Players --- i dont know how ur script will be so i am using random variable just make the variable yourself

plr.PlayerAdded:Connect(function(plr) -- this is PlayerAdded it only fire when a player join the game
     plr.PlayerGui.GUI.Enabled = true
     plr.PlayerGui.GUI.Button.Visible = true  ----then u can put script in the button for like when its press it Closed the Gui like GUI.Enabled = false like this

Location: ServerScriptService

-- Script
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local DisclaimerGUI = script:FindFirstChild("DisclaimerGUI") --Let's say the GUI is a children of this script

Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function(thisPlayer) --Will run if a player joined the game
    local setNewDisclaimerGUI = DisclaimerGUI:Clone() --Clone this so if a new player joins the game this will not be removed from script's children
    local exitButton = setNewDisclaimerGUI.Frame.Button -- Location of the exit button (Change this)
    exitButton.Visible = false --Lets set it to false first so it will not be shown (If forgotten to visible it to false)
    setNewDisclaimerGUI.Parent = thisPlayer.PlayerGui --Move the cloned GUI to the PlayerGui so it will be shown to his/her screen.
    wait(10) --Wait
    exitButton.Visible = true -- Now showing it.